Lab Results

Snce Laboratories is  committed to improving human and animal health and wellness using CBD. 

Our state of the art extraction facility uses High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) and other advanced analysis technology to monitor quality at every step of our process.  

When we complete a specific lot, we create a stock oil which is submitted to an  independent lab testing facility to verify the potency and purity of our isolates and full spectrum oils as well as test for residual solvents, heavy metals and microbial contamination. 

The stock oil is subsequently diluted in carrier oil such as MCT or salmon oil.  For each lot we provide the COA for the stock oil plus a Snce Laboratories CoA after dilution on the final product. 

Here you can search or browse all of our lots and download or view the Certificates of Analysis (COAs).  

Lot Number

Lot 1:  CBD Green(tm) in MCT CoA

Lot 1A: CBD Green(tm) EXTRA in MCT COA

Lot 1&2:  CBD Green(tm) Stock Oil- ProVerde Prior to Dilution with MCT

 Lot 2A- Green Serene CBD Green(tm) Full Spectrum Oil

Lot 2B-  Green Serene EXTRA CBD Green(tm) Full Spectrum Oil

Lot 3&4-   Clear Serene Isolate ProVerde Prior to Dilution

Lot 3A:   Clear Serene 300 CBD Oil for Pets

Lot 3B:   Clear Serene 600 CBD Oil for Pets

Lot 4A:   Clear Serene 1200 CBD Oil for People