1) What is the difference between CBD and THC?

The two major neuroactive components in cannabis are the psychoactive cannabinol THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) and the non-psychoactive cannabinol CBD.

THC is the chemical compound that is associated  with a euphoric "high".  

CBD is a molecule that is part of the eicosanoid system. It is a precursor to arachidonic acid which in turn reacts with Omega oils and facilitates our inflammation/anti-inflammation response system.

Extensive pre-clinical and some clinical studies have shown that CBD may have antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, anticonvulsant, anti-depression, anti -psychotic, anti-humoral and neuroprotective qualities.  Check out CBD Resources for People and our white  papers for the latest research on applications of CBD.

2) What is the difference between Hemp and Cannabis? 

Industrial Hemp is a variety of Cannabis Sativa and is of the same plant species as marijuana.  However, hemp is genetically different and distinguished by its use and chemical make-up.  Unlike marijuana,  hemp is low in THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) content. Federal Legislation sets a ceiling of .3% THC for a cannabis variety to qualify as industrial hemp.   Marijuana refers to the flowering tops and leaves of cannabis varieties that are grown for their high content of THC levels which can easily exceed 10%. 

3) What is Green Serene(tm)? 

Snce Labs makes full spectrum hemp CBD oils supplements under the brand name Green Serene(tm)).   Green Serene (tm)  contains cannabinoid (CBD), <.03% THC,  terpenes, vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, protein, flavonoids, and fiber. In addition, our process retains nearly 100% of the chlorophyll found in industrial hemp adding yet another beneficial compound to the entourage effect. For further information on chlorophyll check out https://www.organicfacts.net/health-benefits/other/health-benefits-of-chlorophyll.html

Green Serene (tm)  is lab certified pesticide free and is extracted from non GMO industrial hemp grown in the USA.

4) Who should buy Green Serene(tm)? 

Green Serene (tm) is for adult use. This product contains <.03% THC. 

5) What is Clear Serene(tm)?  

Clear Serene(tm) is derived from US grown industrial hemp. Unlike Green Serene(tm),  we isolate and separate CBD molecules from the rest of the compounds inherent in hemp.  This product is formulated for first responders and military personnel who seek the benefits of CBD without any complications of THC.  We also formulate Clear Serene for Pets and Horses as our animals do not have tolerance or receptors for THC.

6) How much CBD should I take or give? 

 As a nutraceutical there is no FDA approved dosing protocol for CBD. We recommend you consult your physician or veterinarian. 

7) Do you sell to wholesalers, edible companies and dispensaries? 

Absolutely.  If  you qualify, we will contact you with your login credentials to gain access to our wholesale products  and price list.  Please contact us at  (865) 262-0507 to register as a reseller. 

8) How do you test your products? 

Each lot is tested and certified by a third party laboratories.  All of our products are shipped with QC Codes, Serial and Lot Numbers. Test results are on our website here. https://sncelabs.com/pages/lot-batch-numbering-system

9) How do you ship your products?

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10) What is your return and refund policy?

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11) What is the shelf life of Green Serene and Clear Serene Products? 

The shelf life is typically 24 months provided you keep the product refridgerated and away from light.